Navigating the Metro

Good crowd coming on the Metro now- both in terms of quality and quantity. Morning it’s easier catching it. The front coaches are slightly free. Not today though. Once I waited for passengers to disembark, I got space to stand. Saw someone reading ET yesterday- but standing. The Indian version of international Metro travel.Stinky shared autos don’t improve your mood in the morning.

Going back is tougher. Getting a shared auto in the evening from Iffco is tough around 630. Walked and enjoyed the sunset the other day. 7 PM metro is more crowded than the 730 PM one. Getting a good place to stand in the 730 PM metro involved going to the IFFCO chowk metro station. Yesterday I took the 745 PM metro. met a colleague on the train. After I got off I met two more.

High heels so that I don’t have to smell men’s armpits in the Metro would be good.

I undertook to show my colleague the closest metro to our block- which turned out to be the other side of the metro that he knew about:)

When the traffic increases from Sep third week because of the Commonwealth lane being blocked off, may have to walk to office from the metro station.

Got corns too.

Multiple modes of exercise will help be cross the gym weight loss plateau I seem to have hit though.