Watched Little Big Tragedies at NSD on Sunday. The set was beautiful. It seemed to keep changing with the lights, sometimes red, sometimes blue. Swathes of cloths in the corresponding colours also added to the rich effect. Candles in the centre, in a bowl suspended with wires in the middle further enhanced the ambience. The shadow effect thus created was innovative. The plays by themselves were not so hot. Don Juan was pronounced without an H. We arrived too late to make much sense of Pushkin’s Mozart and Salieri, which has never been a play I liked, ever since a lacklustre performance at College of Amadeus. The last play too didn’t have much movement.

We followed that up with watching an Odissi performance by kids at Kamani for a bit.

Then we hared off to Habitat for Noises Off. I had loved the movie. The play was funny too, and as I didn’t remember the details, I enjoyed it. It was a new way of looking at actors, from their domain- backstage. Pure slapstick, it was a relief to laugh out loud. We didn’t mind watching the same play with different variations- in the dress rehearsal in the first act, from backstage in the second and a flubbed version from the front as the actors were upset with the revelations of the love triangles backstage in the third. The second was particularly funny as they had to enact it in mime, so that the audience in front could not hear them. Must have taken a great deal of rehearsal.

Made a couple of chilas in the morning. Good fun.

Gymming away- lost 300 g post workout. Imagine:)

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